Sep 18

3 Ways to Improve Your Office Environment with Massage

September is Self-Improvement Month which brings about empowerment, focus and clarity. These improvements have far reaching effects on everyone you come in contact with. Imagine the effects it has on people you likely spend most of your hours with each day – co workers, team, staff, employees, colleagues and the like.

Each step we make to improve who we are is considered self improvement – and sometimes these tiny steps add up to a leap!

Our licensed massage therapists on site, ready for two days of chair massages for Entertainment Partners

If you’re looking for a way to make everyone in the office more aware of how they can improve themselves and how it affects the whole office team, here is how U Knead Massage can help. Book a few hours dedicated to giving 15 minute massages to each team member. You will be amazed at what just 15 minutes will do to help your team improve. Here are 3 ways to improve your office environment with massage:

Boost Morale
Employee morale is the core of a successful business. Workers want to feel appreciated. They want to know they play a significant role in the success and betterment of their workplace.

Decrease Stress
We all know the down side of stress shown by frequent sick days and low productivity. Massage has proved to lower blood pressure and increase circulation and it releases endorphins, the feel good hormones. Your staff will be happy. The happier they are, the better they are and it will change the energy of the people around them.

Increase Productivity
A study done by University of Miami School of Medicine’s Touch Research Institute proved how massages can positively affect the employees. One group was given 20 minute seated massages twice a week; the control group was instructed to do isometric exercises for relaxation. The massage group showed less anxiety and lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol. The massaged group, despite being physically relaxed, was more alert after the massage than before. Those who got massages were able to do math problems in half the time and with half as many errors as the control group.

The gain is mutual. Your team feels better and the likelihood of your company’s improvement increases immediately, whether you can see it plainly or not. Call us today at 323-573-6344 to book a few hours for the team that mean the most. U Knead Massage can help.


May 04

Wellness Day at Cedars Sinai


Wellness Day at Cedars Sinai. We were invited back to rejuvenate the staff at Cedars Sinai for their Wellness Day!

What is wellness exactly? Is it eating well? Is it exercising? Is it meditation?

cedar_sinai_may2017-32Wellness is an overall approach to feeling good and taking care of self. It’s about lifestyle choices that takes care of yourself physically, emotionally and psychologically. It’s sort of a holistic approach to self-care. This is important to all of us and if we knock it down to a Science, one might say it comes down to a balancing act – finding the right balance for everything we need in order to live a fuller life.

Wellness is especially important for care givers, nurturers, nurses, doctors and everyone who plays a role in helping others to be better. This week U Knead Massage took eight hours of chair massage to de-stress staff of Cedars Sinai hospital.

It helps to bring about balance for their team and it shows great levels of appreciation for all they do.

Everyone treated our Massage Therapists so beautifully and we were elated to be a play a role in bringing so much appreciation and acknowledgment to their staff. The better your team, the better your success rate.

It’s truly rewarding to work with companies who cherish their team members, especially hospitals and the like.

Thank you Cedars Sinai.


Apr 11

Nurse Week Honoring the Soul of the Nurse with Relaxation + Massage

National Nurses Week is coming up on May 6th and runs through to May 12th. This special week is a testament to a wonderful woman who knew from a very young age that she wanted to play a vital role in the healing of people. Her name was Florence Nightingale and she is often called the mother of modern nursing.

If you’ve ever been sick or had to depend on a nurse to care for you or a loved one, you would understand the deep connection made with nurses sometimes. The nurse represents so much, especially if our situation is dyer. He or she is a representation of hope, love and humility – so many diverse feelings. The patient will always remember the care and tenderness offered and the face of a nurse easily becomes like the face of an angel. It could be their knowledge or sometimes just their smile. Their smile alone can light up the room and the life of a patient and even family members or friends. The radiance of a nurse is immeasurable.

Florence Nightingale

The beauty of a nurse’s soul shows in the comfort of their patients. Nurses Week is a great time to honor their beauty overall by giving them back some of the nurturing they give on a daily basis.

Even if your team is strapped for time with overcrowded wards and long, stressful hours on their feet, there is still time for them to get even some neck and shoulder massages that will go a long way. Imagine creating some space for a few professional massage chairs to give neck and shoulder massages in increments of 10 minutes each. The amount of relief and letting go it will bring to you team is priceless.

U Knead Massage can bring these services to your team and they won’t have to go anywhere except walk over to their “massage station” – something we create in your workplace, for a tiny break that will yield enormous results.

Their long hours, dedication to saving lives and bringing joy to people go beyond the knowledge they may have to heal a wound. Give them the chance to feel as treasured and appreciated.

Call us at 323-573-6344 to see how we can book a few hours to bring pampering, care and rejuvenation to some of the most caring people on the planet.

Happy Nurses Week awaits. Are you ready?


Some of the nurturers on our team who can bring much rejuvenation to your team!

Mar 28

Stay Healthy at Work in Four Easy Steps


Depending on the profession, our job may bring different stress levels to us. If you are standing or sitting, interfacing with customers or crunching numbers all day, (think tax season) – there are steps we can take to balance our day.  This balance is only beneficial when it’s most productive for our job and for own well-being.

Here are some simple things you can do to help bring some balance to your body and mind on any job site.

1. Posture is Priceless

Whether your job entails a lot of sitting or standing, posture will play a vital role in how air flows through your body and it will determine your productivity, mental state and ability to perform optimally. Imagine your spine being held by balloon going up to the sky and one going down into the ground. Keep your body in alignment with its highest potential and it will make the flow of all that you are much easier.

2. Get Up + Go

Every hour take a minute to stand up and stretch. Walk to the water fountain or at least take 50 steps around your work space. This will get your blood flowing more freely and you get to work your muscles even just a little. Most times stepping away from your desk or work position helps you to think more clearly, see things differently and it can inspire answers you are seeking. If your job entails a lot of standing then use this time to stretch. 3 to 5 minutes to do some key stretching will keep you going longer and smarter.

3. Water Works

Be sure to drink enough water. Get a water bottle with measurements on it and aim to drink by a different spot each hour of the day. This will keep you consistently hydrated which will help you to be more focused and less tired at the end of each day. It will also aid in your digestion and help to bring even more vitality to your body.

4. Make Time for a Massage

U Knead Massage specializes in bringing chair massages to the workplace. A 15 minute massage can make a world of difference for the entire team. It’s amazing how much tension it releases and how much more relaxed and rejuvenated everyone will feel. This will boost morale and escalate performance levels of just about everyone on deck. Give it a chance and see if you can have it included as a Quarterly Employee Appreciation Boost.

Take some time to implement the things you can and call U Knead Massage at 323-573-6344 to help with the chair massages!

Mar 27

Work Wellness Day Includes Massage for Stress Reduction


Today we are busy providing 15 minute massages to the staff of a local company in El Segundo - Proactiv.  We’re excited to partner with Proctiv (a skin care product) as they are committed to creating better lives for everyone, including their team members. Proactiv understands skin care is only one part of self-care. They are honoring that and showing appreciation for their team by hiring us to provide chair massages on Wellness Day, March 27th.

Proactiv was developed by two American dermatologists, Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields. Launched in 1995 by Guthy-Renker (also a client of ours), a California-based direct marketing company, Proactiv has grown immensely and has served many people in their quest for better skin. It is the great makings of a true success story and the wonderful underlying essence of true self-care.

U Knead Massage is proud to be a part of their Wellness Day by providing these amazing services of relaxation and rejuvenation for their team.


Here is a description of on-site massage and the reasons you might consider bringing in the service for your hard working staff:

  • It’s a short massage routine performed over clothing by a licensed massage therapist in a specialized chair that is brought right to your office.
  • The massage focuses on the upper body areas that often cause problems for people who sit at a desk or use a computer keyboard (it can help prevent or relieve carpal tunnel syndrome, tension headaches, neck pain, and back problems).
  • It takes no longer than a coffee break, typically done in 15 minute increments and won’t interfere with your staff’s work. They come back from their massage break revived and ready to tackle the rest of the day.
  • All that’s needed is a small space for the massage chair. There are no messy oils used.. just a sanitizer that is used between each session.
  • It’s inexpensive; we have a program to fit any budget, you could even share the costs with your employees. Whatever the costs, they are easily covered by the gains in output and morale.

Here’s Proactiv’s Wellness Day schedule. They have thought of everything to show their employees how much they care!

Proactiv Solutions Wellness Day

What a refreshing feeling to see when companies understand the value of care for their team members and how rewarding for us here at U Knead Massage to be a part of that.


May 01

Teacher’s Appreciation Week

As Teacher’s Week approaches, please take a moment to acknowledge the teacher in your life – whether from your past or your child’s present. Teacher’s Week will be in the first full week of May from the 2nd to the 6th.

There was a time not so long ago when teachers fought to be recognized and acknowledged for all they do. It started back in 1944, leading up to 1953 when Eleanor Roosevelt persuaded the 81st Congress to proclaim National Teacher Day that would serve the purpose of celebrating teachers across the nation. Finally in 1985, there was a whole week set aside solely for the intention of acknowledging teachers and all their hard work. Imagine how much better the world is because of teachers, especially gifted teachers who teach children with learning disabilities or limitations. Their role in this world is priceless.

Thank a teacher with a note, a card, a red apple dipped in chocolate or purchase a gift certificate for a spa service that will help to make their week complete.

Another option as a teacher’s gift would be to include a neck and shoulder massage or foot reflexology massage at any teachers’ event you are having this year. Choose an area to set up some our professional massage chairs and a time slot to give chair massage in 15 minute increments to the teachers you celebrate.

Our chair massage service will bring great relaxation and rejuvenation to the wonderful people who play a major role in our academic growth.


Feb 18

Employee Appreciation Week Deserves Some Rejuvenation + Relaxation

Employee Appreciation Weeks starts the first Friday in March of every year and this year, 2016, it will start on March 4th. Employees are one of the greatest resources a company can have in order to succeed. In most cases they provide the core support to a company’s success – whether it be customer service, ideas, productivity, professionalism, support or sometimes simply showing up – their role is priceless.

Most of us spend the majority of our days either at work or commuting to and from work. If it’s where we spend most of our waking hours then it should be the one place we are happy to be. It should be a place where we feel valued beyond a salary or monetary compensation. It should be a place where we are happy to arrive and leave knowing we have contributed to the greater good of a company’s success.

In our line of business we bring relaxation and rejuvenation to the workplace with on-site massage. After a 15 minute massage which targets the back, neck and shoulders your employees will feel appreciated and happy. We have found that the happier your employees are, the more success you will find for your company.

Here are five good reasons to show appreciation for your employees:

Turnover of human resources will decrease.

Productivity will continue to soar.

Optimism at work will become infectious.

Customer service will improve.

Employees will feel more inclined to want more success for the company.

Here’s one sure way to show appreciation for your employees:

Call U Knead Massage at 323-573-6344 to arrange a day and time so that we can set up a massage event for your staff members. A short 15 minute chair massage will relax and rejuvenate your employees and boost their morale.

What better way to celebrate Employee Appreciation Week!

Our licensed massage therapists on site, ready for two days of chair massages for Entertainment Partners

Our licensed massage therapists on site, ready for you.

Dec 12

Reflexology Relieves Tension, Renews and Rejuvenates.

Reflexology is a system of massage used to relieve tension and treat illness based on the theory that there are reflex points on the feet, hands and ears linked to every part of the body.

Reflexology suggests then, that you can reach every organ and cell in your body through the art of massaging the feet, hands or head.

Imagine how powerfully connected your body is in its entirety. Reflexology is basically creating an environment for the body to heal and regenerate itself, making the body, mind and spirit healthier and rejuvenated.

Reflexology Zone

It is also believed that the body can be divided into 10 zones and any organ or part of the body that falls within those zone lines, can be affected in a positive way by bringing stimuli to the base of the feet or hands. Reflexology basically brings the body into alignment with its own energy and ability to heal.

The main concept of reflexology is that it works with the central nervous system – and that the skin and internal organs have a relationship which responds to stimulus. The application of pressure to feet, hands or ears sends a calming message to the central nervous system.


This means that relaxation is enhanced and the body can reach optimum functioning. In turn, there is a direct effect on circulatory, respiratory, endocrine, immune and neuro-peptide systems in the body.

In its simplest terms, reflexology renews and rejuvenates and brings the person to their optimum level – period. Since this act of bringing the body back into balance is so crucial, the most important part of reflexology is the trained practitioner who is delivering reflexology to the client. This is why it is imperative that trained professionals deliver reflexology to the recipient.

Foot Reflexology

It is one of the main features of UKneadMassage when we visit our corporate clients. We understand the importance of having your team at their optimum best.

We understand that this rolls over into every aspect of your business. Our therapists are trained and can relax your team with only 15 minute reflexology sessions and help to reset the pace of your entire work force. At the end of the day, we are all human navigating our course through so many intertwined events of our lives. The more balanced we are, the better our journey flows.

Let UKneadMassage reset the alignment of your most valuable resource.

We are professionally trained to bring rejuvenation back to your team and/or keep them rejuvenated throughout the year.

Call 323-573-6344 to reserve an afternoon of reflexology for your team today!

Nov 20

On-site Chair Massage Puts Employees on Cloud Nine.

UKneadMassage specializes in corporate events and promotes showing true appreciation to team members who incite success and growth for their companies.

It was with great pleasure that we provided relaxing chair massages for a hard working team of employees in Playa Vista last week. The whole team of 24 had been working 12-15 hour days and was in dire need of our in-office massages.


Bringing relaxation to a hard working staff is priceless and reaps rewards time after time. Having finished their project and getting through the long days, their company felt the urgency to bring some rejuvenation to their employees and show them how much they are appreciated.

We were so happy to be a part of this feel-good event and after reading their review on line, it made our day!

I hired Helen and her team to do chair massage for a staff of 24 at a Research Marketing company in Playa Vista. The therapists were friendly, professional and very talented/skilled. They left us all floating on a cloud, and the vibe and energy in my entire office was so relaxed and zen! This was a perfect way to end the week, and begin the weekend! I’m very much looking forward to working with Helen and her team again! “UKneadMassage Event

We are passionate about what we do and find great rewards in knowing that those on the receiving end are happy with our gift to relax and rejuvenate people.

Keep UKneadMassage in your thoughts for all corporate events. Chair massages go a long way and we are the professionals to bring them to you! 

Nov 10

Employee Relaxation Day – Choose Your Massage Therapist

UKneadMassage specializes in helping to make clients and team members feel appreciated. We have 15+ years of experience bringing relaxation and rejuvenation into many companies. We know exactly how to plan a day of massages for up to 100 employees and still have each employee leaving feeling re-energized and rejuvenated.

Our professional massage therapists are ready to set up for a small group, large group, staff appreciation, or a Holiday Office Party. Whatever the occasion may be, we take pride in knowing that each employee will leave feeling better than when they arrived.


One of our clients who knows and understands what UKneadMassage brings to the workplace is PACE, a client of ours for over 4 years. PACE a non-profit community development organization founded in 1976 to address the employment and job training needs of the Pacific Asian Islander communities. PACE has since expanded into a variety of service areas, all tailored to meet the growing and changing needs of the multi-ethnic communities in Los Angeles County. They recently had an Employee Relaxation Day and our therapists were all on board and ready to bring continued relaxation to their team.

Whether you have a holiday office party or staff appreciation event  UKneadMassage is ready. UKM_pace_mts

When is your staff or client appreciation day? Just call us on 323-573-6344 and we will do the logistics. All your team or clients have to do is arrive and choose a UKneadMassage Therapist. We are ready!

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